About Us

Jensoft in Cambridge

Based in the vicinity of the prestigious Science Park on the edge of the famous and beautiful city of Cambridge in the heart of the English countryside, Jensoft is superbly positioned to take advantage of what has become termed ‘Silicon Fen’. This is an area that has attracted many international companies (such as Microsoft, ARM & Citrix) as well as some very successful start-ups, indeed Cambridge is a superb incubator of excellence in the software industry.

Jensoft in Unix & Windows

Offering skills in both the Unix arena and the Microsoft Windows development environment, Jensoft has gone from strength to strength riding firstly the wave of the expansion in the Telecom industry through the 90′s, and then on to expertise in broadband and internet routing technologies and then to expand with the internet revolution of the new millennium into website development and marketing.

Jensoft in eCommerce

Over time we have developed a number of bespoke eCommerce websites offering products in various verticals or in specific niche areas. As well as holding and dispatching from our own facilities (mainly in tight niches), we also drop ship to customers through our verticals.

Jensoft now

Over the last decade Jensoft has been reaching out into the Internet Marketing Industry in web page design & development and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) & marketing techniques. Specializing in both WordPress and Drupal Content Management Systems and incorporating eCommerce packages and payment gateways.

Jensoft future

Indeed these are exciting times in the IT industry and we look forward to working and meeting with more and more experts in our field of work.

Jensoft Ltd was formed in April 1988 and be contacted here.