SEO Service

SEO if you didn’t already know stands for Search Engine Optimisation and for any business wishing to gain maximum exposure on the web it is of utmost importance to have some understanding of it is and why it is so important to make sure you get it right.

What SEO means to your website and your business

As a business you will agree that in order for your business to work you need customers and in order to gain customers people need to know about you. Now prior to internet many local business’ would have advertised in the local newspaper, distributed leaflets, local business directory etc. as a means to spread the word about what you can offer your customers.
But with the advent of the internet the way that we advertise has changed greatly, it is all about having a website and getting seen.

Instead of picking up the local newspaper to find a business the majority of people will use Google as their first port of call. This has been even more so since the advent of the smart phone where by everyone now has the power of the internet at their fingertips.

Chances are you already have a website but what use is it if when searching on Google your potential customers cannot find you as you appear several pages in to the search ? (Statistically most people will only look on the first results page of Google.)

I guess it would be like opening a shop in a quiet part of town, chances are no one will find you or know you are there resulting in no customers and no business.

Effectively good SEO services will result in people finding your business on Google as essentially what good Search Engine Optimisation will do for your website is to increase it’s rank within Google.

This means you will appear on the first page as opposed to several pages in, people will see your business returned in their search results before they see others. Imagine what this will mean for your business. More customers and more money.

Good relevant SEO will make your website more relevant to Google when a potential customer searches a keyword relating to the services you offer. Therefore Google will then place your business above many others in the search giving you the advantage over your competitors.

Overall good SEO can be a complicated process and relies on many things which include both on page and off page SEO, if you get it wrong it can mean months of set backs and potentially getting de-ranked by some search engines but get it right and it will put you head and shoulders above the competition.